November Community Minutes

If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] and we’ll connect you.

1/ Theo

What is Holy Bam Bam? If you know any spiritualist groups/ cults gatherings, I would love to learn more about that world, so please let me know. Cheers.

2/ Clare Barry from Urban Curiosity

I offer training and talks to help people who think for a living bring more compassion, creative courage and effectiveness to their work. I’m looking for new clients and collaborators.

3/ Sam Furness

Running a project called This is what it feels like - exploring an itnersection in patterns in visual design & way we think. Looking for people with experience of negative mental health patterns / pattern design / mental health research 

4/ Anand

Having just graduated, I’m looking for a role within a start-up/social enterprise/project geared towards mental health and spreading compassion. I have experience holding/facilitating events and can deploy creative strategies to bring people together and make things happen. BIG SMILES. BIG HUGS. BIG LOVE.

5/ Cerian

I’m releasing my new single today, which is called “Our Love Is”. As an independent artist I really appreciate the support of anyone who wants to listen / buy / stream, and have been so grateful for the Creative Mornings community and their encouragement! Check out my single here:

Or on my socials @CerianMusic

6/ Nerissa 

A creative (singer/actor/mental health advocate) new to London looking to meet likeminded people and interested in other creative collectives and jam sessions in London. Living Southwest London. Contact me @nerissakay

7/ Malina Skabas

I am graduating from university and I am looking for a job within marketing or advertising anywhere in the world. My goal is to find an enaging  workplace that encourages creativity and positivity. I am extremely well organized and I work well under pressure.