An open letter from China Smith


I am still aglow with the energy you all bathed me in on Friday.

As creatives, I know you can relate to making the first step with a new project out of your head and into the world. I have been cooking up Woke Families in the safety of my own space for months now, and I’ve never been more energized and convicted about a project. I’ve also never had this level of fear about revealing my work. I usually go into a speaking engagement with a few options in mind and let the energy of the room determine the direction I take. You guys gave me so much life by BEING THERE energetically for my real shit, and my appreciation for you is limitless. I’ve been reflecting all weekend and have laughed out loud about the fact that you guys came to hear a dancer talk about the creative life, and got a Black Panther baby spilling her guts instead!

I would be so honored to have any of you along on this journey with me. The Woke Families course starts November 4th and registration is here.  

I am sending out an S.O.S. to the universe to bring me a multitude of people who identify as white to be the founding members of this community; if this speaks to you I’d love your help spreading the word. My big dream is to eventually get this into schools! Imagine the difference it could make in one generation.

I do hope our paths cross again!

- China

Photo by Manny Pandya