Happy October, Ottawa!

We’re jumping into the new season with a fun new theme and a fantastic speaker who we cannot wait to have on the CreativeMornings Ottawa stage.

Our speaker is psychologist and expert on creativity and imagination, Eve-Marie Blouin. Eve-Marie came to us with a beautiful pitch on how she can teach and inspire our audience to get into a state of flow, and let’s just say we were sold.


So what is flow?

Flow is a state where time stops existing and the ‘sense of self’ disappears. We have all experienced this at one point in our lives, oftentimes by accident. For some of us, flow came while skiing down a difficult hill, and for others, while painting a lavish landscape or performing in a play.

Whatever the activity, flow is likely to come when the challenges of the situation match a person’s skills, when the goal of the activity is clear, and when people value the activity.

Since getting into a state of flow can help people grow their skill set and access a deeper mode of thinking (all of which are beneficial for creativity), Eve will introduce you to the concept of flow, we will reflect on our own experiences, and practice “hacking” into this state through a play-based activity.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Tickets for #CMflow on Friday, October 18 will go live on October 11 right here.


Pictured: Eve’s previous flow and play workshop at the NAC.