If you want to get in touch with any of our community members below, email london [ at ] creativemornings.com and we’ll connect you.

1/ Robert W Mason

Call for Subjects - Solidarity portrait series

2/ Richard Falkus


Connected by Humanity are passionate about creating spaces for people to connect face-to-face. Could you help spread the word?

3/ Isla Suddek

Looking for passionate friend to join me on my mission to train people to talk to strangers through in-field training and youtube video creations. Want to learn how to coach? Have video editing skills? Get in touch!

4/ James KiTE 

Inviting people to join my project of human connection & social engagment on a weekly basis called IN Person (Exploring Themes Like Worldview / Catharis  & Celebrating Humanity)

5/ Elena/Hellen Uderzo

Tea with Strangers, a community of strangers that gather to share conversations about all sorts of topic. Link: http://www.teawithstrangers.com/

6/ Diana Morales Coello

I am looking to work in quality assessment jobs, related to certification, inspection or testing in London. I have had experience as an auditor and as part of an accreditation body working with ISO standards.