This month theme #CMJustice, we are excited to welcome speaker Daniel Tucker-Simmons, principal lawyer and co-founder of Avant Law firm, specializing in workers’ rights, housing rights, and human rights. There’s a long-running, problematic belief that ‘law = anti-creativity’. To many, law is rarely considered as a profession that encourages freewheeling, creative thought, but in reality, lawyers are communicators; in order to problem-solve, they have to constantly find new, innovative ways to communicate and make positive, lasting change.

Creativity is a quality not typically associated with the justice system. And for good reason. In this talk, Daniel problematizes the glacial pace of innovation in the legal services sector and its contribution to the access to justice crisis, presents some imaginative innovations attempting to deal with the problem, and extends an invitation to creative minds in other sectors to turn their focus to law.

Join us on August 30 at the Ottawa Art Gallery! Tickets go live Friday, August 23 at 11 a.m. don’t snooze!