Community Minutes

Hi pals!

As anyone who’s attended a CreativeMornings event knows, after the main speaker we have Community Minutes - an opportunity for anyone in our community to get up and let everyone else know about their latest project, a job vacancy, a new product, campaign or event, or anything else they feel like shouting about!

Anyone attending the event can take a Community Minute slot - they get 60 seconds to make their announcement, with a slide of their choice up on the big screen. CMEdi also posts the details of the all the announcements from Community Minutes on our social media accounts.

Time at the event is limited, so we do allocate all Community Minute slots beforehand. We only have a limited number, but we will do our best to allocate on a first-come first-served basis.

If you’d like a Minute at our July event (Friday 26th, 8.30-10.00am) please let us know by Weds 24th, - email edinburgh@creativemornings and mention ‘Community Minutes’ in the subject line.

You’ll need to provide:

- Basic details of your announcement

- Contact details (including social media handles) we can share with the community.

- A widescreen slide image (PNG, PDF or Keynote) that can be displayed on the screen during your minute.

You’ll also need to be able to attend the event at BoConcept on Rose Street!

Once we’ve received your email, we will be in touch in to let you know if you have a Community Minute slot, and give any further details.