They believe the children are our future…

Inspirational songs aside, Engaging Creative Minds knows that the health of a community is based on the opportunities that its children have. Their mission is to provide every student in South Carolina with equal access to quality learning, increase student engagement and increase the involvement of arts & STEM professionals in the education process.

Robin Berlinsky is the organization’s Executive Director and Andrew McGlaughon serves as its Director of Development, Strategy and Communications. 

All photos by Amaris Photography.


1. What do you love most about what you do?  

Changing the culture of a school that has self identified as challenging.

2. What inspired you and how did you become involved in your current career(s)?  

When I was teaching 1st & 5th grades I saw how the arts impacted student performance and engagement in school.  I believe every child deserves arts experiences so that is why I have chosen this career path - I’m all about equal access. 

3. How do you start your day? 

For me the day starts the night before so it’s always looking at my calendar and planning my strategy for the next day so I work smarter not harder.  Then I jump out of bed like a fireman - (I’m a morning person).

4. Tell us about your proudest moment or accomplishment.  

Winning the 2016 NY Life Excellence in Summer Learning award from the National Summer Learning Association.  We were told no other organization had won the first time they applied - AND WE DID!


5. Do you have a hidden talent?  

I can twirl a baton like a rock star

6. Who or what gives you creative inspiration?  

All the amazing teachers throughout South Carolina doing amazing things in their classrooms

7. Coffee fuels our morning events. If you’re a coffee drinker, what’s your go-to order? 

I’m boring - I drink it black.

8. What is your favorite place in Charleston?  

Waterfront Park (on a cool crisp day)

9. How do you unwind or de-stress?  


Rapid Fire:

Morning person or night owl?  


Summer of winter?  


Mountains or beach?  


Pancakes or waffles?  


Fiction or non-fiction?