On Friday, June 28th we will be at the amazing UWM Manfred Olson Planetarium to listen to Jean Creighton, Director of the planetarium, talk on this month’s theme: WONDER. Jean Creighton has had a great interest in how stars form her whole life and is an accomplished astrophysicist and astronomer.

Read more about Jean here!

Below we chatted with Jean and got to know her a little more.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Most mornings I enjoy rolled oats, almonds, golden raisins, coconut flakes, milk, half a banana, and tea.

What do people know you for?
Sharing my excitement and enthusiasm for the stories of the night sky and the elegance of the cosmos.

How is Milwaukee special to you?
I have enjoyed living in Milwaukee for 20 years.  It has a history of being a real city since the 1800s while still be friendly and accessible.

What inspires your creativity?
Creative ideas often come from things I read or hear or while I am talking with someone. Cool ideas also come to me while I am swimming or walking.

What will you share with us during your talk?
How wonder has inspired me in a variety of contexts from the personal to the communal to the cosmic.