May’s theme is PRESERVE

Globally, CreativeMornings is approaching this month’s theme of Preserve by exploring the preservation of the current environment around us in order to chart a brighter path into the future.

Locally, CreativeMornings Charlottesville is focusing on the preservation of stories related to the legacy of slavery at Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia plantation. Through over 100 interviews with the descendants of people enslaved at Monticello, the project Getting Word led by Public Historian Niya Bates, tells the stories of people whose whole lives and achievements were all but erased over the last 200 years. The preservation of these oral histories leads us to a more truthful understanding of our collective history, calls us to honor the strength and resilience of the enslaved and their descendants, and asks us how we will move together toward an equitable future.

Our Charleston chapter chose this month’s exploration of Preserve and Ashley Rose Walton and Tanner Schreiber-May illustrated the theme.

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