Creative people, especially those that work in creative industries, are a special breed of individuals with unique experiences and an original way of doing things.

If you’re a creative - and I’m assuming you are because you’re reading this - then you’ll already know how inspiring it can be to hear other creatives talk, or how good the conversation can be when discussing difficulties or successes unique to a creative business. This ‘creative kinship’ was our primary reason for becoming involved with Creative Mornings.

By participating in your creative community you’re opening yourself up to these inspiring and rewarding experiences that can further ignite your passion, or provide a small piece of advice that just might help you power through a tough situation further down the road. And it isn’t just a one-way street. Your opinions and your unique outlook will help others as well.

Then there’s the more pragmatic bonus of building your network and developing more working relationships. Future Proof Films has now been running for over 4 years, and in that time we have collaborated on numerous projects with a wide range of other creatives, and we’ve been recommended or we’ve recommended people, all as a direct result of an impromptu conversation during a community event.

So get out there and get involved.

Robert Dawes

Director, Future Proof Films.