Preserve with Saida Mäki-Penttilä

“Empathy is key in creating partnerships.”

This month we are lucky to have Saida Mäki-Penttilä as our speaker. She is a coordinator, creative strategiser, community organiser and global connector. She holds a master’s degree in Environment and Development from King’s College London. Saida has lived and worked in Africa, Europe and the US. She has an extensive work experience ranging from bilateral policy level programs to youth led initiatives.

One of the projects dear to her heart is Good Hair Day (GHD). Saida is the coordinator for the GHD-collective, which encourages the creation of safer spaces for discussion on afro hair on a personal, societal and political level. While GHD started out as a one-day urban event discussing the politics of the afro and celebrating afro hair in 2016, it now facilitates workshops and collaborates with other Afro Finnish organisations. Each annual event is a step ahead in expanding Finnish beauty norms and increasing representation.

Saida believes empathy is key in creating partnerships and understanding people from varied backgrounds and cultures. She currently works for the Green Parliamentary group in Finland and is involved in several projects on representation, inclusion, identity and anti-racism.

Links for GHD:

Preserve with Saida Mäki-Penttilä
Friday, 17th of May at 8:30
Design Museum