Announcing award-winning architect, Darrell de Grandmont as our speaker for #CMpreserve! 

Not only does Darrell have over 20 years of design experience, but he is also passionate about sustainability, biomimicry and expressive design (amazing). 
Recently, he was the Chief Architect for the House of Commons, contributing in the rehabilitation of historical buildings and spaces located in the parliamentary precinct, including the West Block and Centre Block buildings.

During the talk, Darrell will share his personal journey in developing design narratives and how his most recent work has shone a light on the evolution of a building’s story.

And that’s not all we have planned this month…

May marks CM Ottawa’s 7th year! So we’ll be adding some extra special activities and goodies to celebrate our Birthday. Join us on May 31!

Registration will open on Friday, May 24 at 11 am.