On Friday, May 24th we will be at the beautiful Milwaukee Public Library (Central) to listen to Christina Ward on this month’s theme: PRESERVE. Christina Ward is an award-winning writer and editor, Vice President of Feral House, and is the Master Food Preserver for Milwaukee County! 

Read more about Christina here.

Below we chatted with Christina and got to know her a little more.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? 
One pot of very strong Bustelo made in a Mr. Coffee with half/half, ½ pound of cantaloupe, a couple of ounces of Camembert cheese with pita crackers.

What do people know you for? 
Ah, it depends on where and when you met me! I think the majority of folks know me as the ‘Canning Lady’ from my various food preservation work. But I do a lot more.

How is Milwaukee special to you?  
Milwaukee’s history and potential make it special. I’m not a cheerleader, I believe in eyes-wide-open progress.

What inspires your creativity?
Death. I know Stoic philosophy is enjoying a moment of fame, but the modern crop of proselytizers get it wrong. Stoicism is much more than toughing it out or creating artificial hardships so one can gloat about the strength of their mettle. Like many things, the current crop of masculinizers has sullied the actual practice with their personal goals; which is of course, anti-Stoical. A true practice of Memento Mori frees one from the external and internal constraints on creativity- we’re all going to die so do your thing. The rest is more complicated…

What will you share with us during your talk? 
On the theme provided- Preserve - I will challenge people to define and recalibrate their notions of what preservation is and most importantly, what are we preserving against.