1/ Adele Stinton

E adele.stinton @tmsw.com

Looking for concept creatives to work on Mcdonald’s and adidas and anyone who wants to talk about diversity and inclusion.

2/ Jessica Kate Tweed

E jessicakatetweed @gmail.com

I’m a risk management consultant turned graphic designer looking for opportunities to join a design studio as a junior designer.

3/ Zahra Khamisa

zahra.khamisa @gmail.com

I’m trying to change the world of sport, specifically cricket, by increasing opportunities for women and specifically women of colour with the ECB. Looking for resources and connecting working in diversity in sport.

4/ Anne-claire Fleer

artbyanneclairefleer @gmail.com

I empower women through body painting. Do you want to celebrate your body or unleash your inner goddess? I’m here for you. Please reach out for more information.

5/ Tajwar Aziz

aziz.tajwar @gmail.com

I am currently doing my Master’s in Design, Innovation and Service. I am looking to connect with people working on innovation in the social sector with a particular interest in issues of healthcare mobility and issues that affect women.

6/ Craig Anderson

craiga @craiga.id.au

Free coding workshop on 11th May for Women — djangogirls.com/london

7/ Faisa Mohamed

faisa_mohamed @aol.co.uk

Looking for Operations/Project Management/Strategy/Planning roles in the creative and tech industry. Anything to do with organising processes, projects or understanding people I’m your gal! ALSO hosting Special Guest (@specialguestldn) 30th April Hackney Wick, Grow.

8/ Teresa Eng

teresatakesphotos @gmail.com

I’m a photographer who specialises in commercial, business and personal branding photography. My background in communication design gives me an understanding of branding and marketing needs. See more www.teresatakesphotos.com

9/ Lawrence Tijjani

lawrencet @happy2host.com  

I am starting social enterprise working with young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and disengaged students. Looking for people to help run workshops.  www.justaguytryingtomakeit.com

10/ Beatrice Kabutakapua

balobeshayi @gmail.com

A message to all of those who are passionated about video production and migration and want to change the narrative disseminated by mainstream media but also want to include more people with a migratory background in fiction. I am looking for people who would like to collaborate in shaping a media production company solely focussed on migration and run by people with a migratory background: you could be a producer, filmmaker, sound designer…

11/ Dan Scott

dan.f.scott @outlook.com

I’m a pharmacist/writer looking to build a community or platform (still very much at the ideation stage) for people to share their health stories and prove that they are not a statistic. If you want to share your story confidentially or join me on the journey, hit me up!

12/ Theo

theodor.pint @gmail.com

VIDEOGRAPHER TO HIREEEEE. Any project, from an idea, to the finished video.

13/ Hannah Fiddy

hannah.fiddy @alternativeclassical.co.uk

New agency and blog about innovation within classical music, showing all the exciting and creative ways classical music is being presented. Go to alternativeclassical.co.uk/blog for event recommendations