CreativeMornings with Maru Nihoniho
Friday 27th April, 8.00am-9.30am
Studio One Toi Tū

Throughout human history, games were about winning or losing.

Maru Nihoniho, MNZM, is the managing director, game producer and designer at Metia Interactive (an award-winning game design studio she founded in 2002) pushes the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with a game.

Author James P. Carse extends this concept beautifully in Finite and Infinite Games: “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play.”

Maru epitomises how the gaming world can improve our realities. In 2016 Maru was awarded a New Zealand Order of Merit for her work in gaming and mental health, and recently awarded the Innovator of the Year in 2017 MCV Pacific Women in Games Awards from Xbox. She has completed her Masters Degree in Technological Futures, where she produced a game called Tākaro to teach rangatahi to strengthen spatial awareness skills and learn coding concepts.

Which game are you playing with your art? Keep your eyes on the journey, not the prize.

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