Welcome to CreativeMornings Ottawa Lightning Talks!

We can’t wait to have you join us on April 26 at the Ottawa Art Gallery for the second CreativeMornings Lightning Talks. This month, we'll explore the topic of #CMinclusive. We welcome five inspirational speakers, who locally represent successful entrepreneurs, mental health advocates, inclusion consultants, youth workers, freelancers, architects, company presidents, fundraisers and leaders of social innovation.

Clary Chambers is the founder of Spark Clarity, an ambitious, queer women of colour who lives with a chronic illness and sparks joy in any room. A successful entrepreneur, Clary will speak on how folks with invisible illness/disabilities navigate their daily lives and environments creatively. She will also propose ideas on how we can encourage this creative potential in such people to collaboratively build communities and workplaces designed for everyone.

Sharon Nyangweso is an international digital communications and inclusion consultant specializing in digital experiences and moving visions for inclusivity from aspiration to action. She will share how design thinking frameworks can be used to solve critical inclusion and diversity issues in organizations, projects, and daily life. Her goal is to support everyone to move from just getting women, brown, black, transgender, or marginalized voices in the room as a diversity checkmark, to meaningful, powerful participation and co-creation.

Amy Lynch is a freelancer and the founder of ‘Babies, Business + Breakfast’, a community for parents who want to invest in themselves alongside their loved ones. Amy will teach us what happens when you bring children into business settings and inclusive experience tips for organizations, venues, caregivers and their loved ones.

Toon Dreessen is a certified LEED AP and a member of the American Institute of Architects. As President, He leads his company in project development and is responsible for award winning projects in infill development, as well as laboratory, research, industrial and high profile projects. We will learn about how he leads the company’s activism in the role of the built environment through social justice, gender equity, and fiscal responsibility.

Elspeth McKay, Executive Director of Operation Come Home, is a dedicated fund-raiser, an expert in community economic development and a leader in social innovation. She has years of experience in developing programs such as supported employment, entrepreneurship, education, and social enterprise. We will learn from her leadership and experience as a social enterprise consultant.

Free tickets will be available on Friday, April 19 on our website.