Let’s go on a field trip!

We’ve got three #CMfieldtrips planned for you this Friday, 4/5. 

Play With Lasers at MakeATX

Join us at MakeATX, a laser cutting studio in the heart of the art scene in East Austin. During our workshop, each FieldTripper will make a small custom project. RSVP.

Collaborative Songwriting: Write a Song with an Industry Pro

Join us at Reset at Nightcap for a workshop led by Mark Epstein, musician and founder of Buildsong. Write a song with your fellow morning people. Musical ability is not required. RSVP

Movement Learning: An Intro to the Feldenkrais Method®

Join practitioner Michelle Drerup at Myo to to learn how to break your movement habits. Together, we’ll experience the Feldenkrais approach to wiring and rewiring your brain for learning, refining, adapting, and innovating. RSVP

Big thanks to our #CMfieldtrips coffee partner: Chameleon Cold Brew.

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“Hey, what a minute, what are FieldTrips?”

#CMfieldtrips are a monthly series of small group discussions, tours, or workshops held to spread the creative magic happening around Austin. Space is limited to facilitate open conversation and new connections, so you must RSVP via our site to attend. Most of our FieldTrips are free, but we may ask for a suggested donation to cover materials for some of them.

(Each month, we give folks who were on the waitlist of our most recent talk a two-hour head start to register. And then they open up to the rest of our #CMATX community.)