How to change the world in 3 ways

#1 Join the Good Hood!

#2 Routinely report hateful content on social media

#3 support non-binary recognition in legal documentation!

1/ Andy

Design Academy, teach teenagers how to become agents for change. Cheltenham Design Foundation - design and education charity promoting the benefits of creativity and design. We run the Design Academy - a free saturday design school for teens and a design festival which explores how design is essential to society. Find out more instagram @cheltdesignfoundation Festival -

2/ Ariana

E ariana@

Sweat & Sound ( - we do epic, live music, story-driven wellness experiences.

Would love to see CM community at our event on Tuesday Jan 26th - Journey to Mars (booking link: - use code CMLONDON for 30% off tickets.

Also in urgent need of a programmer! Email me!

3/ Stefano Bellucci Sessa

E hello@

I’m looking for people that want to help me (and be helped) to go zero-waste! Contact me or join the meetup “Eco-friends”.

I also started turning non recyclable items into art pieces. If you have toothbrushes, deodorante and other packagings that you can’t recycle, contact me on instagram at and I’ll turn them into art pieces for you :)

4/ Natasha Blok

E Natasha.Blok

I would love some friendly help to get a website off the ground (just helping know which platform, host etc to use as there are so many options out there it’s bamboozling!), I run @toucantoo_ and will be launching more happiness tours, creative adventures, playful workshops and positive coaching and would love to have a professional site to showcase it all. Thanks!

5/ Mei-Ling Chin

E principlecore@

I am looking to run mat pilates courses at co-working spaces, companies or agencies. If you know teams that would be willing to host or offer classes for their teams, get in touch! Everyone knows a little movement during the day goes a long way x

6/ Anthea Kolitsas

E anthea@

A 3 month gift series to brighten your loved ones day during a dark time in life. Sparks  conversation and provokes positive habits.  If you know someone who is going through someone difficult and want to brighten their day please get in touch to help start spreading some happiness and positivity. You can also follow us on instagram @projecthappynote. We look forward to hearing from you! xx