Good morning, community!! It’s my second favorite day here at CM Detroit. It’s Q&A with our speaker this month, photographer Amy Sacka. We’re looking forward to her talk tomorrow on our Water theme, where she is sharing photos of her project on the ice fishing culture around the Great Lakes. We hope to see you all tomorrow @ 8:30 @ WeWork Detroit (Clifford Street). Bring your own mug or use one from our mug library. Also, bring one if you have one to donate. See you tomorrow! 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here?

It’s my historic connection to place and my proximity to family. My grandparents lived on several of the streets within a mile of my house in Detroit. I can feel their history and it connects me to this place. This is the first place I’ve lived in that feels like home. Beyond that, I love that I know my neighbors, most of whom are dynamic, hard-working individuals who deeply care about the changes happening in the city. People are engaged here, that’s inspiring.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?

Every project is my favorite, because most of the work I do is personal. It means something to me, so I have a vested interest in it. As of now, I haven’t done a lot of work that has been assigned to me. I’ve done work that I’ve been personally attracted to, or that tackles the questions that I’ve been wrestling with. These are the kinds of projects I’d like to continue working on.

What do you do when you feel creatively stuck?

Grab camera, walk out the door, talk to strangers. The openness of individuals inspires me — when people share a glimpse into their lives through our interaction with the camera, that vulnerability and willingness to be seen inspires me.

Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about?

Documenting Detroit. They have elevated the voices and careers of so many emerging photographers in Detroit, telling stories of Detroit under-reported communities everyone should know about.