Join us on March 29 for our talk on the global theme of Water!

From its role in the very foundation of our city, to the simple beauty and mystery aquatic life provides in our own backyards, H2O is an essential part of our daily lives. Jérôme and Patrick will make the case for why it is perhaps the most important molecule of all.

Jerome studies freshwater and the small living organisms that are key to healthy lakes and rivers. His interest in underwater life has led to novel scientific studies as well as many opportunities to collaborate with local communities, artists, students and journalists who share the same passion for water. 

Patrick is a biologist by training. Throughout his career, he has channeled this passion to change hearts and minds in classrooms, boardrooms, city halls, legislative assemblies and beyond. He has also developed strong expertise in environmental policy and non-profit management.

At the end of this talk, at the very least, you’ll leave as an inspired advocate for clean water!Free tickets will be available here on March 22.