Photo credit: Lauren Wagner

On Friday, February 22nd, we’re returning with “Symmetry” with Whitney Anderson, talented local graphic designer and creative and owner of This event will be hosted at the Milwaukee Art Museum!

Whitney Anderson is a freelance graphic designer and creative who specializes in branding, lettering, and illustrations. She works with both small local start ups and large global companies alike to create individualized designs for print and packaging. Select clients include: Taste of Home, Disney, Lululemon, MOO, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, United By Blue, Press Waffles, among others.

Below we chatted with Whitney and got to know her a little more.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? 
I’ve been on a big fried egg kick recently, but fresh fruit is usually my go-to. Accompanied by freshly brewed coffee, of course. 

What do people know you for? 
Vintage-inspired branding, lettering, and illustration.

How is Milwaukee special to you?
This wonderful city has been my home for the past 8 years and I absolutely love it. I’ve enjoyed exploring classic staples of the city as well as watching new restaurants and shops pop up throughout the city. Living so close to such a beautiful body of water and being able to take my dog to walk along the beach and play in the lake has been a truly unforgettable way to spend the warmer months, as well as attending countless musical events, festivals, and street fests that the city hosts all summer long. I’ve loved getting to know so many talented local creatives, small business owners, and other go-getters during my time in Milwaukee, and plan to stay here for the foreseeable future!

What inspires your creativity?
Oh man, more like what *doesn’t* inspire it? All jokes aside, I do feel that I find inspiration everywhere that I go. As I mentioned before, my style is heavily vintage inspired, so I find a lot of inspiration at antique stores, looking through old packaging and ephemera. I find a lot of color inspiration in nature and in my daily life. I’ve been told before, “You look like your work.” As in, my clothing style and colors line up well with my designs and colors that I use. I like to always be aware and receptive of my surroundings, as inspiration has stuck when I’ve least expected it in the past, while out and about. I’m the crazy person who is always snapping a pic of something or another to reference later on. 

What will you share with us during your talk?
I’m going to share about my journey from a full time job to full time freelance, and how I found balance and symmetry in my professional and personal life while learning how to adjust to those transitions.