Carol P. Govaert is from San Jose, California and currently lives in Amsterdam. She is the photographer for her alter ego Magpeye. Carol has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Although she enjoyed certain aspects of the business world; she knew something was missing in her life. There was a time about 10 years ago when there were several traumatic experiences that took place like a domino effect. Carol felt lost and was at a crossroads. Photography was something that always fascinated her. It hit her like a lighting bolt that she should pursue photography seriously, which she did at the Fotoakademie in Amsterdam.

She specializes in commercial photography under the name This work is for her clients where she uses her marketing knowledge and photography skills to bring their concepts into the realm of reality. Her conceptual work is her own very personal creations.

Photography is the means Carol utilizes to be part of a community, explore the world, exorcise demons and keeps her sane.

‘’Create your own reality’’

photo credits: photographer at Magpeye Photography