#CMEdi Speaker Catch-up: Jannica Honey 🍯

Like a whirlwind of creative passion and empathy, Jannica Honey took to the CMEdi stage in October; positively inspiring and remaining in the hearts and minds of our community ever since.She’s even got her own Bross Bagel, thanks to the first winner of our #BrawBagel Challenge! With the exceptional response Jannica as received from our community, we were excited to follow up with her after the event to find out a little bit more about her magic. 

For a little extra inspiration, and insight into post-CMEdi-speaker life from your fellow creative, Jannica Honey, keep on readin’… 👇🏽

Photography by Ellie Morag 📸

What was the preparation for your talk like? Were you nervous about what to expect?

I prepared a lot, not only because I was pretty nervous, but also because I thought it is considerate and respectful towards the people turning up to hear from me. I was grateful to CreativeMornings/Edinburgh to be invited, and I wanted to hold that space. You believed I would do an intriguing talk, and I wanted to make sure I delivered. I also recommend people to prepare WHEN they feel uncomfortable, at least then you know you done your best. 

Preparation is like investing, sometimes we get scared when we invest in ourselves.

I felt comfortable before even meeting the team, I knew you all would be ace! My awkwardness lays within me: I find it challenging to hear my own voice for a longer period of time. I thrive on connections: you know that beautiful/exciting exchange of words, emotions and stories? When I do talks I find myself in the land of Jannica Honey only and I sometimes loose the connection, well, nothing to worry about I am talking to my therapist about that… ;-)

How did you feel up on the stage, in front of our CMEdi community? Did you find yourself easing into it once you got going?

I felt like I had some really intriguing/interesting stories to share, and I could see that they were awake and ready to hear me. In fact, much more awake than me.

 I guess what I am trying to say is, I felt very looked after before the talk. So, when I finally had to climb up on that stage and I found myself with the microphone in my hand, I was just felt honed in to being there. I mean, when you end up getting a hug by CreativeMornings/Edinburgh’s film crew after your chat, you know your words have been perceived.

Were there any special responses and/or interactions before, during, or after your talk which stood out in your memory?

Someone asked me about guidance straight after the talk and I figured that my honesty in my presentation unlocked something in him. We spoke about the importance follow “what you are all about” to create authentic work. When I speak about authentic images I simply talk about how to create photography of a certain quality. 

The talk also emphasised something to me, something that I kind of knew about already, how we are all connected and we affect each other regardless we want it or not. This can be positive and negative of course, the beauty with honesty is if you are honest people are just going to respond just like they are open and honest and it is just there where we all connect.

Community & Connectivity around Jannica’s photography.

We have loved having you as a speaker; but, also as a community member – you are now part of the #CMEdi family! 

Related to that,  would you recommend taking part in the CMEdi community and events, as a speaker and/or attendee?

Yes, I would love too! To meet the CreativeMornings/EDI community was like opening a secret door. An entrance leading to not only good coffee and chats, but also learning new things and early mornings. I know that work/art/inspiration happens in connections, and CreativeMornings/EDI facilitates just that in the most relaxed yet professional way.

One of the more positive things that have resulted from my experiences, and connections made at CreativeMornings Edinburgh, is that plenty are now aware of the events that CreativeMornings/EDI put on. Last but not least, your support and guidance has also put me at peace with my presentations.

I feel like something shifted and that shift definitely happened after the morning with you. I also had a lot of interaction on social media, people asking if when I am doing another talk and people asking about it.

I actually think these kinds of events extend way beyond me, way beyond us here in Edinburgh… it is like a mutual positive experience for all participants. The idea of sharing narratives is central for human evolution. At CreativeMornings/EDI we might be in a beautiful high-tech place eating bagels, but these kind of activities have been going on for a very long time, perhaps without the microphone and Insta-stories, more around a fire, sharing, connecting and learning. A reciprocal experience of something changing and evolving… developing.

If, like us, you found yourself looking for more the magical inspiration that Jannica Honey shared, don’t miss out on two workshops that she will be running in the new year, at the Arienas Collective: 

In these “half-day workshops with photographer Jannica Honey, you will consider the questions: What is a portrait? Or to be more specific, what is a good portrait? And do we need to see ourselves to see the other?”

2019 Dates include January 13th, and February 24th. Full details and booking available at: https://www.thearienascollective.com/the-art-of-portrait-photography