#CreativeMornings aka CM is a global event. Currently, there are 192 cities aka chapters - hosting these ‘ breakfast and a short talk on a Friday morning’ events once a month. Cardiff is CreativeMornings 71st city and October 2018’s global theme of ‘honesty’ was chosen by us. The theme was illustrated by our past speaker - and talented, worldwide type celebrity (!) - James Lewis *proud mama feels*.

Each month, I, Melin,  and my awesome team get together and plan our event. We set our intentions and figure out what we can do with the chosen theme and our pre-agreed speaker.  So, with October  being our BIG month, with our theme as the global theme we had  started planning months ago - we had BIG plans.

But this is life, and life never really goes to plan, does it? We run on generosity and on people’s donated time. Of course, this means that when the unexpected happens and people are no longer able to donate that time, it’s our job to make that okay and work around it. In this instance it was our speaker. Our chosen speaker, planned months in advance, had received some unexpected but BIG business news. This was great - but it meant they were no longer able to donate their time to speak at our October event as planned. 

So we kept our head high and went on a big search for a new speaker. It was a stressful time, I have to tell you. Because, again, life doesn’t have a pause on other things when something goes wrong… life goes on. But I’m super-lucky to have a great CM team who I now call friends. They never give up supporting me but also, most importantly, supporting our CM Cardiff community with everything they have.

I feel like this is the right time to give the CreativeMornings team a big shout out! Talia - a big-hearted writer and money coach;  Lowri - a multi-talented graphic designer; Jenny - a dedicated musician and marketer; Scott - a quality UX designer; and Charlotte - our adventurous, roller-blading photographer. A massive massive thank you and praise to my CM Cardiff team  from the bottom of my heart - I love your passion and generosity oh so much!

Now back to our October event… Our search for a new speaker landed us with an amazing person whose story couldn’t have aligned any better with our ‘honesty’ theme. London-born but Cardiff-based arts critic Jafar Iqbal gave the most honest talk, sharing the most shocking truths and confessions. We are so grateful for how bravely he shared his ‘catfish’ story. We loved hearing the feedback from our audience of MorningPeople and knowing that we can trigger such honest conversations is a dream to us.

We also really wanted to encourage our MorningPeople to be honest and open… so we played a little game. First, we asked our fellow CM teams around the world to share a moment of honesty with us - on video  - and we then shared this with the audience at our October event. Then… we posed the same question to our audience. With the help of pen and paper - in the form of postcards bearing James’ ‘honesty’ illustration, we got the audience to write down their moment of honesty anonymously, scrunch the postcards into a ball and throw them onstage for Jafar to read out after his talk. Honestly, we had some real gem of an answers!

We have to give a massive massive shout out to our friends who responded to our ‘moment of honesty’ video call-out. Thank you CreativeMornings Edinburgh, Denver and Sheffield. And thanks to James Lewis who filmed his response from America, where he was working!

You can watch the video responses here.

What’s more, we have had a ball watching our CM family around the world adapt to our #CMhonesty theme. shares.

Here are our favourites:

This blog by Audrey Elisabeth from CM Edinburgh

This event idea by CreativeMornings/San Francisco

This quote by Sau Paulo

This confessions wall by CreativeMornings/Guadalajara

This honest doughnuts from CreativeMornings/ Dubai

This honestly awesome outfits by CreativeMornings/ Oakland

On a final note; I’d like to say how much I believe in honesty and its importance in everything I do. Honesty is my law and October was honestly unforgettable. I hope you all had a greatly honest month too.

With all my love,