Nicole grew up in New Orleans and worked in New York City, before making her journey west to California. Currently she lives in San Francisco, where she can quickly escape to the woods and nearby beaches.

​She is a ballerina, yogini, audiophile, animal lover, chocoholic, and artist.

Nicole creates illustration and concepting for fashion, graphics, home decor, paper goods, and entertainment productions. Previous clients include: The Bay Bridged, Entire Productions, Fog City Songwriters, Gamago, Gymboree Group, Pottery Barn Teen, San Francisco Parks Alliance, and Sofar Sounds.

Most projects are done by hand in a variety of mediums and styles with digital manipulation, as needed. Nicole is available for freelance, commissions, and illustrating private events or concerts.

Find out more at: or @nickytickytipsy

Q&A with Nicole Album

    What does Restart mean to you?

    Restart means another opportunity to grow and change. Restarting is a part of the greater cycle giving us a new opportunity to blossom. Sometimes we choose to restart on our own, like quitting a job or a break up. Other times, life decides that for us, like a death or natural disaster.

    I believe that from destruction comes enlightenment. Without the need to restart we wouldn’t have the opportunity to try again, make different choices, and learn more about how we want to show up every day.

    Nicole live sketched at our November’s event:


    How is this concept reflected on your creative work?

    I usually have a dramatic increase in sketching. In the literal sense, each page is a fresh start. They are sketches and there for disposable, allowing me the opportunity to try different choices or routes, before committing to the ones I may take to my professional work. I also do a lot of sketching outside of my home. The nature of spending time in places I haven’t been, observing other people, and drawing in the moment, are all ways to refresh my creativity and open up space for different ways of thinking. Even the trash-worthy scribbles serve a purpose for helping me breakdown and rebuild, again.

    What have you been inspired by lately?

    What a broad question?! Inspiration is constant. Everyday there is at least one small experience or visual image that brings me inspiration. Some days there are many. Inspiration may be a few words someone says to me, or a beautiful 10 foot painting. Everyday the answer to this question is different.

    I’m inspired by many of the artists in my real community and those of the virtual realm. I am hosting a costume, figure drawing event in a few days, and the model performing has become a muse for me. I love her innovative costumes and sense of fantasy. I also find a lot of inspiration from music, films, tv shows, and being outdoors. A terrific live performance, beautiful costuming, or fresh smells and tastes can set my imagination on fire.

    Any advice for someone in our community who is looking to change things around and restart with a new mindset?

    My recommendation is to get physical. Thinking about the steps in a dance class, bike path in front of you, or which wave to surf, allows your ‘creative’ brain a rest. The break your mind gets from the issue you are restarting can help you see more clearly what you want, when you begin again. Even a slow walk or floating in a pool is considered meditative. Plus, as Elle Woods once said, ‘Exercise gives you endorphins. And, endorphins make you happy.’ It doesn’t have to be intense and don’t over do it. Your muscles need rest, too. You’ll be physically and mentally hungry for whatever comes your way next. And, when inspiration strikes you will have the energy to grab it and hold on.

    Thanks to Nicole for creating this unique postcards & live sketching at our event!. Take a peak at Nicole’s sketching process.


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