It’s Q&A day: my second favorite morning of the CM month! 
Every month, we ask our speakers to answer a few simple simple questions so we can learn more about what inspires them and to be inspired. We’re excited to welcome Jim Hume as our speaker this month. Please join us tomorrow at Belle Isle Aquarium at 8:30 for his talk on Honesty. See you soon! 

Why Detroit? What keeps you inspired here? 

 I love the combination between creativity, grit, and work ethic. This is a place that simply gets stuff done, and we make an huge impact on the world, yet we just wake up the next morning and do the next thing. Our reward is the work itself. It’s inspiring to see the entire area embrace that spirit.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever worked on? What would be your dream project?  

 If you asked me years ago, I would’ve had a list of projects at the ready. Now, it’s more about the singular project of building a company capable of daily improvement. I love walking in and seeing how our team thinks. My dream project? Anything that allows us to elevate, motivate, and inspire - and gives us the freedom to do our thing.

 What do you do when you feel creatively stuck? 

 I shift to the other side of my brain. I do all those little tasks that are more checkbox-driven to clear the runway. Then I generally work myself into a zone and just start jotting things down. It either starts to click or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, I’ll try again later. Creativity cannot be forced or fought with. It just needs to arrive.

Who is another creative person / organization in Detroit that we need to know about?  

Too many to mention, I’d hate to single anything or anyone out! I try and sample the town like a playlist on random (food, art, architecture) and I am rarely disappointed. And almost always inspired!