CMEdi at CreativeMornings Global Summit 2018

What do you get when you gather over 300 morning people, from 89 countries, around a roaring campfire… and fill them up on s’mores? A whole lot of folks asking, “What are s’mores?”! But, once that question is answered and all the sugary goodness takes effect, well… you get the first night of the CreativeMornings Global Summit 2018, at Iroquois Springs, New York 🏕️

Lit by flickering embers and a shining moon’s reflections on the nearby lake, volunteer organisers from CreativeMornings chapters around the world began their 3-day adventure together. Co-created by the CreativeMornings team at HQ, the summit is intended “to celebrate volunteers and the indispensable work they do”.

If you follow us on Instagram (which you definitely should ➡️ @Edinburgh_CM) you may have seen many a fun glimpse into our creative quest - from the classic yellow American school bus that brought us to our Summer Camp location, through to our fantastic FreeAgent sponsored moment of shining glory, under the CreativeMornings archway. All thanks to the Instagram story talents of our very own Ellie! 

As you might have guessed, it was a magical time. However, packed with workshops, talks, and creative activities, it was no time for our team to kick back and take it easy! We were on a mission to learn from our global peers, connect, and make sure we had plenty to bring back to all of you! 

“When I think of the Summit, the word that comes to mind is ‘LOVE’! The whole first morning stands out in my memory. Particularly the big interactive session with Priya Parker, on “The Art of Gathering”

Oh! The inflatable unicorn, too… hungover and deflated from the night before… flopped next to the San Diego chapter’s cabin. And who could forget that brass band, greeting us in the morning to march us down to our first activity of the day. 

Overall - despite the massive group - we all felt seen, recognised, and appreciated. Throughout the many activities, there were so many opportunities to connect. Yet, there was also lots of reflection - ensuring we had a learning that allowed us to bring back experiences, and care, back to CMEdi.” - Tao-Anas, CMEdi Videographer 🎥

Interactive Workshop and Q&A with Priya Parker

“Watching your activity online, sharing posts and messages with those of us who had to stay back home, it all looked so fun, warm, colourful, inspirational, homey… and generally so well curated. The books and quotes being shared were excellent.” - Briana, CMEdi Speaker Coach 

Blue CreativeMornings Chapters united! 

“For the 10 year anniversary of CreativeMornings, it was so interesting to have more emphasis on, and awareness of, the need for self-care. It really was good… a positive focus, topping up our energy for the next 10 years! 

A favourite moment has to be by the fire. Kitsch s’mores, and singing together. But the best part of all was seeing all of the team witness and experience the global scale of our community, first-hand. We now hold the global concept together, connecting more every day - bringing it back to our local CMEdi community.”  - Alex, CMEdi Founder & Host

Songs by the fire, with James Sills 

“I loved having options. Not just between activities, but also in whether or not to participate in the main organised way. It was another way of encouraging self-care. Allowing breathing space, and time for reflection.” - Ellie, CMEdi Photographer

CM Global family, with a Bohemian Brass Band!

Since touching back down on glorious Scottish turf, we’ve spent much time reflecting, brainstorming, and planning. Sharing key take-aways and points of inspiration in almost every conversation, we realise the Summit has been braw for your wee CMEdi organising team. We can’t wait to put these new ideas into action, as we grow, evolve, and get evermore creative. Rest assured, there’s many years of events still to come…

Thank you to our very special sponsors, and to you - our CMEdi community. You keep us motivated and inspired, eager to volunteer our time and creativity, and strong in our belief that “everyone is creative, everyone is welcome!”