Meet our speakers: Michael Bosonnet

Michael spoke as part of our #CMCommunity event in August, and before he took to the floor, Michelle spoke to him about what ‘community’ means to him. Michael is a member of the Tara Building, and has found that community to be hugely accessible.

Michael has a business background but works in a creative way and has found that the creative scene in Dublin, while it is exciting, isn’t always entirely accessible. However, since joining the Tara Building, he has met all types of creatives: photographers, journalists, editors, stylists and music video directors.

He has attended most CreativeMornings in The Tara Building and really enjoys them. In particular, he loved Jennie McGinn’s talk for #CMPioneer in November 2017. In that, Jennie spoke about the foundation and fall of Opsh, and how their failure led them to new directions.

Michael will be speaking in The Tara Building, as part of Culture Night 2018, where he will discuss the use of data in business and creativity. He will talk about his experience of using data and human decision making with the understanding that combining the two is powerful, which is where his RADAR method comes in.

Find out more about Culture Night at The Tara Building here, and about Michael here.