by Sophia Moon

Last month’s event was so inspiring. In the short allotted time, the panelists (Mickey Cockrell, Executive Director of Catie’s ClosetChuck Leddy, B2B Storyteller; and Paula Garcia, Global Society Program & Partnership Manager at Wolters Kluwer) really brought home some invaluable points about building and being a part of a community. Some points that really resonated with me personally were:

Stay informed. You can’t care about what you don’t know.

Find a cause that is near and dear to you and get involved in a way that is meaningful for you.

Say hello. Be authentic.

Pay it forward. Don’t expect anything in return. 

Care about the person next to you. Be compassionate - everyone is going through something.

As folks walked in, we asked the icebreaker question, “Why do we gather?” We got answers that ranged from “bacon” and “coffee” to “making new friends” and “to build a tribe.” We want to challenge you all to continue thinking about it… you can be sure that we, the CMBOS team, think about it all the time.

What is the true reason we get out of bed earlier and make our way to a CreativeMornings event?

Is CreativeMornings truly a community or are we simply a fun networking event?

Are we here for the free donuts, bacon, and coffee? Or, are we here to fulfill a deep and innate longing for connection?

What are we each doing to build CMBOS into a stronger, kinder, warmer, and more connected community?



We did something new at the last event - we abridged the “thank you” section but the love and gratitude are no less felt. So, allow me to gush for a little bit about our CMBOS community of volunteers, sponsors, and partners who make it all happen. 

Special thanks to LogMeIn for being such wonderful hosts for Q3 (we’re looking forward to our last event with them on September 28). A special shoutout to Liz, Katelyn, Jeremy, and Alina (COFFEE MASTER) for helping our team make everything come together. 

This month, we were grateful to have our sponsors, Catch and tonneson + co for arrive early and helping us set up the breakfast and welcome you beautiful people on your way in. Thanks to Printi for bringing our cute coffee cup name tag ideas to life. 

In the spirit of community and breaking bread together, we had a special breakfast guest, Sam Cohen of The SABABA Kitchen with her delicious pull apart Babkas. We enjoyed tasty honeybars from honeygrow; a bacon bar and bacon hushpuppies from The Bacon Truck; refreshing Hubert’s Lemonade; and Skinny Pop for an afternoon snack. Yum Yum. Good food is, after all, one of the most compelling reasons for people to gather, right?

As always, we had The Danger Booth at our event with their magic box that makes it easy to selfie #IWOKEUPLIKETHIS. We had our newest sponsor, Charlestown AV join our awesome team of Event Day Volunteers and core team members that make everything work behind the scenes. Photo credits: Kim Maroon 

A big thanks to you all… couldn’t do it without you! <3