Meet our speakers: Colette Henry.

Colette spoke as part of our #CMCommunity event in August, and before she took to the stage for her 2 minutes, she spoke to Michelle about what community means to her. Colette is a member of a few different communities, and one she set up herself is the ‘Kinder to Earth’ Facebook group that she runs in order to build awareness as to how we can be kinder to the earth.

‘It’s a community because we share ideas, innovations from companies that are doing well, and we support each others’ posts. I moderate it and encourage others to share, but I also know that there are many people who enjoy the updates and have made changes but don’t share posts or engage.’

Needless to say, World Clean-up Day is something that Colette is very passionate about. ‘It is most certainly a community experience - we are cleaning our community, then we sit and chat and have a quick drink together. It brings people together…’

Colette has been an avid attendee of CreativeMornings since March, and has also been a member of The Tara Building since she attended #CMCourage with Nick Kelly.

She said: ‘A friend invited me along to the event, and I had known Nick Kelly but hadn’t seen him since moving back from London, so I wanted to see him. I was also finishing up a full-time job and beginning to look at co-working spaces in Dublin and Tara was on my list to see. I was the 4th person to get a ticket on that Monday morning when they were released! I never actually even looked at other co-working spaces!’

Colette is a face regularly seen at CreativeMornings now, and it’s because she likes the vibe of the events. ‘I love to see people meeting up with friends they didn’t know were coming, to be introduced to new friends or randomly bumping into someone as they are queuing for coffee.’

For Colette, CM is all about the community: ‘The speakers are important, of course, but I think the most important thing is the sense of community and support.’

World Clean Up Day is happening on September 15 and everyone is welcome, you can see the event here: