Elizabeth Moen was our musician for #CMCommunity, and Specky Scribbler sat down with her for a coffee and some chats about creativity and community.


I got the opportunity to sit down and speak with Elizabeth Moen before she took to the floor for August’s CreativeMornings. We sat down and discussed all things creativity. From Iowa City, Elizabeth never had ideas of becoming a singer-songwriter, and only wrote her first song during her junior year of college.

Then, the songs just poured out of her and she could not stop. Elizabeth said that she was surprised when she wrote something, about how open she was with her lyrics. It was in writing that she was her most honest, with herself and with others.

While in Iowa City, she was hanging around with writers, going to parties that were full of writers, musicians and artists. They all encouraged her to continue doing what she was doing, and when she came to Dublin first, she felt even more encouraged.

The music scene is Dublin, and Ireland as a whole, is very vibrant. There are small, intimate gigs taking part on a nightly basis, and open mic nights where everyone is encouraged to attend, with no obligation to take part.

Elizabeth was in Dublin for a month, and she said that every night she played music, or watched other people. It’s what she loves about playing in Ireland: everyone is supportive. If they’re not playing, they’ll come and watch you play. Elizabeth says it’s a really nice thing, that everyone is working incredibly hard as artists, but still remains supportive of other artists.

Elizabeth’s booking agent for Ireland, Laura, asked Elizabeth if she’d be willing to play at CreativeMornings, and told her it was just a really good environment. As someone who is heavily involved in CreativeMornings, I feel it’s a really supportive space. Hearing others say that the events are supportive and the audience appreciative is wonderful.

It’s exactly what CreativeMornings strives to be, and is why we are up to the members of the community for the theme of Community. Dublin made Elizabeth go for it with her music, and the support she received here is something she has thoroughly enjoyed.

For Elizabeth, music is everything. When she’s not touring, she lives out of her car. Everything she owned she gave away, sold or is in her car. She has no steady place to live and nothing holding her back, which she finds liberating.

Having no ties to any one place has enabled you to come to Ireland and tour for a month, before embarking on a 3 and a half month tour of the United States.

Her latest LP, A Million Miles Away, was released on September 1 and can be streamed on Spotify. Attendees got the opportunity to listen to it before it was released online, and it was powerful, powerful stuff. Give it a listen and see what you think, you won’t regret it.