Our interview with August #cmCOMMUNITY speaker Jennifer Moore of RecoverGirl Sustainable Style

PKX: Tell us one thing about community in your life:Jennifer: It’s something that I heard people talking about, building community. I always sort poo-pooed it and thought it was silly talk. 

I didn’t realize until after the fact that I was doing just that: building community around sustainable design and fashion. 

It was something that only when I was asked to do this talk that I reflected back and saw that that’s what I had been doing all along. 

PKX: Where do you find inspiration as a creative person?

Jennifer: I can’t get enough to consume. 

I am just consuming all the time. 

I listen to podcasts, I read blogs, I have a ginormous Pinterest account, magazines, especially foreign magazines, newspapers, non-fiction books, the news, and biographies. 

PKX: Anything new and exciting in your field?

Jennifer: Project Upcycle, which is a runway event all about low environmental impact and high design, is the most interesting thing I am working on. The first year was a success so we are doing it again. 

Other than that, in general women’s involvement in fashion. The first wave was this body positive movement. 

Women with curves were reaching an audience and feeling supported and now There is another wave of older women who are doing the same thing. 

There continues to be support for the body positive movement and the age positive movement. People who have been left out for decades now feel like they can participate in the party. 

The body positive movement is democratizing the fashion world. Everyone can play. 

PKX: If you could open a door to anywhere, past, present, or future, where and why?

Jennifer: As a women it’s not a good idea to go backward so I would go to the future. 

We are still gaining more rights, I don’t want to go backwards. 

PKX: Any advice to anyone just starting out in your field?

Jennifer: Even though blogging sounds like something from a decade ago, if you start something and keep at it, you’re training yourself and making your community aware that this is something that you care about and know something about. Start and keep writing!

PKX: What speaker would you like to see at PKX?

Jennifer: Lindy West​, ​she is a body positive writer and working for the New York Times. Other than her, I am most interested in young people who are interested in going into design and fashion design and have a sustainability focus. I want to hear from them because I feel like they can educate all of us on how we can change​ our​​ economy to support them so we don't​ have to go elsewhere to get what we need. We can have it all here and it can be more local,​ sustainable​, and​ better quality.

Interview by Raya Al-Hashmi for CreativeMornings PKX. Photography by Kate & Keith Photography.  Photographed at White Heron Coffee & Tea Cafe.