Thank you to our local partners for August's COMMUNITY!

Small Planet is a digital product studio based in Brooklyn. They’ve designed and delivered over 90 successful applications and hundreds of updates across multiple platforms, including many award-winning iOS and Android apps. In our new Machine Learning Lab they work on all things VR, AR, and blockchain, plus other fun stuff which is totally work-related.

BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training, empowering over 50,000 individuals and some of the largest corporations in the world with the skills to succeed in the digital age. 

The 2018 Digital Skills Survey

As the digital economy continues to grow, entire industries are transforming, creating a demand for digital skills that is outpacing the workforce.

To help close this skills gap, BrainStation is surveying more than 150,000 professionals and industry leaders to identify shifts and trends in the digital sector, and to better understand the day-to-day work experience of digital professionals.