by Steve Molter
I intended to get a good night’s sleep before CreativeMornings/Boston’s July event. That didn’t exactly pan out though. I was tossing and turning from 2 a.m. until 5 a.m., never fully asleep and barely awake. I just couldn’t get comfortable or find my sleep-groove. I was unable to manifest that very pure intention of a good night’s sleep into an actual good night’s sleep. Weak sauce.

But I made it bright and early to what was an unsurprisingly lovely CMBOS event. As I descended the three-story staircase into LogMeIn’s huge event space, it was filled with buzzing conversation and the fresh aroma of coffee, fruit cups, donuts, and bacon. Oh, yes, there was bacon. That’s how we roll.

We had a ton of fun stuff going on: The artists who took part in the #100Days art challenge displayed their dynamic work, we served donuts and bacon along alongside Hubert’s lemonade and fruit cups from Honeygrow, we sneakily attached some free goodies to the bottoms of a handful of seats in the audience, and most importantly we had a deeply personal talk from Erin Pearson, Manager of Product at LogMeIn.

Erin spoke at length about her struggle to create space for herself when she and her partner decided to move the middle-of-nowhere Canada. She ended her talk by asking the audience: How are you creating space for others in this community? A poignant question for us to ponder for sure as we move into August’s CreativeMornings theme of Community.