Our interview with July #cmINTENTION speaker Christine Kelly.

PKX: Tell us one thing about intention in your life:Christine: It has shown up when I’ve bought houses. I had been looking for this one house in Winthrop, Massachusetts. I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted; hardwood floors, fireplace, off-street parking, garage, wainscoting, windows. The very next day the realtor called and said to come see this house. It was exactly what I had written down. 

By having a clear picture of what I wanted, it showed up. To me that is setting the intention of what I want then it is showing up.

It’s a very interesting concept. Intention links in my head to law of attraction and similar ideas. Also, this year my intention has been to do as many speaking events as I can, and I have been doing many more. The minute I had that intention in my head, opportunities showed up..PKX: Where do you find inspiration as a creative person?

Christine: I am very good at linking things that other people may not connect. 

Patterns I see in stories, in nature, or a little group of colors that catches my eyes.

It’s very widespread and can come from a lot of places. I like to look at something and see it a little differently. That can spark a whole idea or chain of ideas. It makes some sort of connection in my head.

PKX: Anything new and exciting in your field?

Christine: I’m a hypnotist, and I am a teacher of Neuro-Linguistic programming so any findings in neuroscience are new things in my field. What I find interesting is that they are confirming some of the practices that I and others have been doing. They started doing it first and now neuroscience is confirming how it works. That to me is fascinating. I started off my working life in the medical field, so I am fascinated by that. To me it makes a lot of sense. I like having the science behind what I do, knowing that’s going on and even using it before science catches up. Because of all the technology in our lives stories really touch people. Technology is still a little cold so people respond to stories well. I use a lot of metaphors in the work I do. 

We are all emotional beings even though we have automatic “everything.” We are still humans.

PKX: If you could open a door to anywhere, past, present, or future, where and why?

Christine: I might go to the past and I would have been bolder. I would have been a little more creative. I was a little nervous. 

PKX: Any advice to anyone just starting out in your field?


Gather a lot of information and pull out what resonates with you.

If there were two people doing the same thing sitting side by side they would be doing it differently. Your passion, your creativity is going to be felt by whoever you’re dealing with.

PKX: What speaker would you like to see at PKX?

Christine: I’d love to see Tony Robbins because of the way he engages with the audience. I want to watch him and analyze his language patterns and watch the response of the people. For a local person, I’d love to see Kathleen Cavalaro, I love to hear her take on things and enjoy the way she sees things.

Interview by Raya Al-Hashmi for CreativeMornings PKX. Photography by Kate & Keith Photography.  Photographed at White Heron Coffee & Tea Cafe.