CreativeMornings/Dublin open every event with live music from local artists. This month, Dowry will be performing ahead of Briony Somers.

Michelle from Specky Scribbler sat down with the voice behind Dowry, Éna Brennan to discuss all things creative in Dublin (and beyond).

How did you get the gig to perform at CM?

I was recommended to the host by a mutual friend of ours, Robbie Blake, of Tonnta. He suggested to Aiden that I might be a good performer and so then Aiden sent me a brief email and asked if I’d be interested.

I definitely was, and the context of the event made me even more interested. I’d heard about CM, more so the international branches, but I’d heard about them and I liked the sound of them and then watching the archive I saw how engaged people are.

Then when I was asked to perform, I like having to think about the ways in which my music links in with the theme of the event: intention.

My music is going to open up the conversation in the room and I like that. It’s something I’m really looking forward to.

How do you find the creative scene in Dublin?

I got involved in the creative scene/industry in Ireland initially through my social circles in university. Then I got involved in playing with bands, and with people who were in bands. So I initially started in the scene as a performer and then I began to appreciate performances based on participation.

What I love about it is that it’s so supportive. We all go to each other’s shows. We all collaborate with each other. Some people are in 5 bands. It’s also the collaboration between visual artists and musicians.

What are you most excited about for Friday?

The engagement. I’ve chosen music that fits the topic and the event is a very focused one. You can be dynamic as a musician, and adapt to the audience. From watching videos of past events I saw that the audience are respectful and engaged.

I’ll play music to fit a theme, a topic. It gets into the nitty gritty of that topic and it’s a more considered approach to other gigs. I’ve had to think about how I open up the theme of the event, the conversation.

I’m mixing instrumental pieces and pieces with lyrics because as literal as some lyrics are, there is a tranquility in non-linguistic pieces of music. They are evocative in different ways for different people without being imposing.

I’m just excited to get involved.