“Your craft isn’t always the calling that you thought you had, but when the opportunity presents itself, you have to be open to exploring it.” - Adé Hogue

June’s CRAFT event with Adé Hogue was fantastic! Not only was his presentation humorous and inspiring, as evidenced by the posts from attendees below, but this event also marked CM/Chicago’s 7th birthday! 

We had a packed house at Morgan’s on Fulton, giveaways (including pins designed by Adé and works by previous CM/Chicago speakers such as JC Rivera and Swopes), all CM/Chicago hosts past and present in attendance, a celebratory photobooth with birthday hats and more! We’re more energized than ever about the magic of this community and can’t wait for our next event!

Enjoy some highlights from June’s event below and join us for July’s event on INTENTION with artist Sam Kirk coming up July 27th at Edelman! 

CM/Chicago hosts, past and present, including (L-R): Jen Marquez Ginn,  (founder) Mig Reyes, Kim Knoll and Kyle Eertmoed

From the community:

I’ve had a few good weeks of "showing up” for my shows, as far as playing at the top of ability and compartmentalizing the world burning around us. I don’t consider myself a strong improviser, hence my heavy investment in my growth as a solo sketch artist. In the last three days I’ve been invited to audition for a commercial gig based on seeing me perform in @generationlatinx and this morning at a #design community event someone recognized me from last night’s @triggerhappyimprov at @the_annoyance (they really enjoyed our show). This morning, I attended @chicago_cm , where the speaker @adehogue , spoke on the theme of Craft. He broke it down to three things. 1) Define what you want to be 2) Develop it by putting in work 3) Sharing with others, by putting yourself out there no matter how rough you feel your art is. The job is pushing through the hills and valleys. This week is a good, next week could be very different. “Just keep swimming.” Thank you to all my friends and family who always “show up” for me. You’re my greatest teachers and inspiration. #cmcraft #cmchi @creativemorning

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#cmchi #cmcraft define what you WANT to be good at!

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