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August 15, 8:30am • Ziba Auditorium • part of a series on Failure

After having successfully crowdsourced over $20,000 for their Kickstarter project this past May, the documentary, Whitelandia, aims to spread awareness to Oregon’s sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans and its historic determination to become a white homeland. Included in the documentary’s trailer is our our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto, who explains:

Why can’t we initiate a new way of understanding history and culture where it’s not just ‘their problem’… where we all have something to work on… where we all have to think about the complexity of our roles… why can’t that be a good thing?

In light of her work for The Black Portlanders, Producers Tracy MacDonald and Matt Zodrow have also asked Intisar to join the documentary’s primary advisory board assembled by The Oregon Assembly For Black Affairs.

A photo our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto took of Karimu Kudura, an Instructor for the African American Rites of Passage Academy at Lane Community College.By working with the Urban League of Portland to help visually represent the 2014 State of Black Oregon report, Intisar is photographing African-Americans living across the state of Oregon.theblackportlanders:

Karimu Kudura
Eugenian for 20 years
Eugene, ORToday, we traveled down to Eugene OR to meet with students and instructors at the African American Rites of Passage Academy at Lane Community College. Since 1996, the academy has worked to address the cultural, career, academic, and social needs of high school and middle school African American and Multicultural students of African descent in Lane County, OR. Here, instructor Karimu Kudura starts their day with Tai Chi and meditation.© 2014 Intisar Abioto

What 70 year old icon of the civil rights movement is turning to the hippest and coolest way of raising money to tell the story of Oregon’s Black community? The Urban League of Portland is launching its first ever crowdfunding campaign on to fund the latest version of their eminent State of Black Oregon report, due to be published in the fall of 2014.

Although the Project will continue to seek funding to cover the $100,000-plus price tag from conventional funders, the “I See You” campaign marks a milestone for the organization’s grassroots fund raising.

As the newly-appointed Photographic Director for the Urban League of Portlandour June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto and her team seek to affirm through the 2014 State of Black Oregon report the visibility of an African-American community that is often marginalized and invisible to many Oregonians

The video, “I See You”, helped crowdsource almost $3,000 through an Indiegogo campaign held between December 2013 and February 2014. The Urban League of Portland wrote about the campaign on their blog.

Intisar Abioto's 'The Black Portlanders' expands to all of Oregon with new partnership - PDX Magazine:

Over the next several months, our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto will be partnering with the Urban League of Portland as Photographic Director to produce photo accompaniments and conduct interviews for the next edition of the State of Black Oregon.The 2014 report will follow the one conducted in 2009 and will share an interest with “narrative and lived experience to illustrate the social and economic reality of black Oregonians.”

Intisar and her team are slated to visit 
Ashland, Eugene, Bend, and Coos Bay. A traveler at heart, she has expressed an eagerness to travel anywhere in Oregon to find stories. Please email her ( with your suggestions!

And make sure not to miss Intisar’s talk on our CreativeMornings/Portland chapter page. It should be published soon!

An Open Letter To Portland & The World from ‘The Black Portlanders’:

On the heels of her Indiegogo project’s successful completion, our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto took to Medium in penning an open letter to both the Portland community and the world at-large regarding her The Black Portlanders project and its future social-cultural aspirations.


Thank you all so much. This is how I feel. Here’s where we are now.. Fully funded and people still contributing. We’ll have an full exhibit this summer with the money contributed beyond the initial goal. I am so excited! Thank you.
We have until 11:59 PM PST
You can still contribute. You can still share.
Thank you !!

Between February 8 and March 26 ‘14, our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto crowdsourced through Indiegogo just below $25,000 for her photography project, The Black Portlanders.Having taken portraits of over 500 African-American Portlanders since her move to the Rose City, Intisar will use the funds to continue and develop The Black Portlanders blog. Contributions will help equipment needed to expand the media formats of the work, the retrieval of original Black Portlanders photo files from a damaged hard drive, and travel fees to document the perspectives of Black Portlanders outside of Portland.The linked video is Intistar’s reaction to exceeding the Indiegogo’s initial $15,000 project target by almost ten-grand at $24,479.


Ripley Snell
From Chico, CA
Portlander for 8 yearsRipley is an artist.. a rapper, songwriter, and a part of the Futro Collective.
I met him in April at Stumptown Coffee downtown. He made me some coffee. I drank it. We talked for a spell.  His music is niiiiice.
I’m particularly fond of “High Fructose Love” from his latest EP, 6 Natural FlavorsYou can listen to 6 Natural Flavors in its entirety at
It’s worth it.

And be sure to check out his recent feature in Willamette Week.-NW Park Blocks
© 2014 Intisar Abioto

A recent batch of portraits from The Black Portlanders, the photography project spearheaded by our June ‘14 CreativeMornings/Portland speaker Intisar Abioto.