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September 26, 8:00am • • part of a series on Color

Le thème global de #CreativeMornings du mois de septembre est la #COULEUR. On se voit le 26 septembre prochain!

The global #CreativeMornings theme for the month of September is #COLOR or #COLOUR as we say in Canada. See you on September 26th!

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Max Riché.

By Rebecca West

Creative Mornings Montreal wouldn’t be possible without our team of dedicated volunteers. A large part of our tasks focus not only on producing a great event, but on capturing that experience so that we can share it with a wider audience online. Max Riché is one of our talented photographers who contributes to the rich and varied visual content that we create every month. We met with him a few weeks ago to talk about photography, Creative Mornings, entrepreneurship and dividing your life between Paris and Montreal.


Red Bull Morphing campaign by Max Riché, commissioned by Red Bull Media House, Austria, for the launch of

Your first career was as an engineer – what inspired you to make the transition to commercial photography?

It was really a multi-phase process. I had been working as a management consultant in biotechnology, but I had the nagging feeling that I wanted to work in something that was more hands-on. I had been into photography since I was a teenager, but never thought it would be a fulltime job. Then I had an inspiration to get more involved in climate change, around the time of the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Photography seemed like an ideal starting point for a personal project that has since grown into a much larger project – the NGO Climate Heroes.


A former illegal logger in Sumatra, Indonesia, featured on Climate Heroes. 

What is Climate Heroes about?

It’s a non-profit multimedia project and educational essay that I founded in 2010. We profile citizens, scientists, media, politicians and entrepreneurs who have elevated consciousness about, mitigated, or understand climate change, and share their stories with an international audience. It started out small, partially as a means for me to travel and develop my photography portfolio. It has since grown into a much larger endeavour, with teams of writers and photographers working together with the end goal of inspiring others to take action. We have partnered with The Global Call for Climate Action, which represents the interests of 450 nonprofits. They help us find our subjects from all over the world and provide an additional online platform for visibility. We always try and portray a more personal human approach to the stories, essentially demonstrating that sometimes all it takes is the determination and hard work of an individual in order to make a difference.


Max Riché image from our Minimal talk with Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël.

How long have you been based in Montreal, and what inspired the move from Paris?

I moved to Montreal last fall because I was ready for a change. Paris can be crowded and stressful, and a bit old-fashioned in their approach to work. I have found Montreal to be very welcoming, I get the feeling that you can take on much more responsibility at a young age here. Your are judged based on the quality of your work primarily, not so much on your how long you have been in the business. So from an entrepreneurial perspective, Montreal is great, there is a nice collaborative atmosphere. Groups of photographers often form to rent a studio together, perhaps share a producer. A group can also offer a wider range of styles and services to potential clients, and provide motivation and inspiration amongst its members. It’s a model I would like to develop more of in Paris. 


A Max Riché shot from our Minimal talk with Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël.

How long have you been involved with Creative Mornings and what inspired you to join?

I joined the Creative Mornings Montreal photography team a few months ago because I had heard that it was a great way to meet interesting Montrealers and get involved in an ambitious international organization. In that respect it’s been great, I have met a lot of like-minded young people. It’s also been a lot of fun creatively. For example last month I gave myself the challenge of covering the talk live on our Instagram feed, which was interesting in terms of restraint. Instead of using a fancy camera with all sorts of bells and whistles, I had to work within the limits of a iPhone camera, but still produce good work.  


Max Riché, commercial portfolio. Red Bull Skylines at the Grand Palais, Paris.

Are there any other projects that you’re working on at the moment that you’re excited about?

I’m often back and forth between Montreal and Paris, in order to make the most of what each city has to offer. I’ll be starting work on a sports apparel campaign in Montreal in the fall. I’m also working on a big rebrand for Climate Heroes with lots of activity planned for the UN Climate Summit in New York this September, involving a huge campaign with many other NGOs. And or course leaving time for fun personal projects, like some rock climbing shoots later this month.

For more about Max Riché, check out his website, blog or Instagram, and look out for his coverage of our upcoming events!

This month’s global CreativeMornings theme is #FAILURE, and on Friday, August 29th, Jason Della Rocca, co-founder of Execution Labs, will be our speaker.

Le thème des CreativeMornings pour le mois d’août est l’échec et c’est le cofondateur d’Execution Labs qui sera notre conférencier, le vendredi 29.

La vidéo de la conférence de Viviana de Loera est maintenant disponible en ligne. Visionnez-la maintenant!

The latest CreativeMornings/Montréal talk by Viviana de Loera is now available online. Check it out!